Training Standard

The Normal Scheme prioritizes hands-on training experience and program quality with a theory-to-practice ratio of 30% : 70%. This approach enhances the competitiveness and competence of Kartu Prakerja recipients.
The training program will operate in both synchronous and asynchronous modes through three modalities: offline, webinars, and self-paced learning.

Training with the self-paced learning modality follows a ratio of [Synchronous Training] 3:1 [Asynchronous Training]. For training institutions that only offer 1 Synchronous Training, they are still eligible to propose 1 Asynchronous Training.

In the case of submitting more than 1 Asynchronous Training by a single training institution (LP), it is mandatory that the submissions belong to different categories.

The training program aligns with the needs of the job market and the industrial world, as evidenced by training references that include, but are not limited to:
The training curriculum is competency-based and takes into account national, international, or specific competency standards.
The duration of Synchronous training programs should be a minimum of 15 hours
  1. Offline training having a maximum duration of 8 hours per training day and,
  2. Online training having a maximum duration of 3 hours per training day.

As for Asynchronous training programs, the minimum duration for video content is 9 hours.

Jumlah peserta maksimal
  1. Offline: Minimum 1 Trainer for 30 Participants, with a Facilitator assisting in practical implementation.
  2. Webinar - Online: Minimum 1 Trainer for 50 Participants, with a Facilitator assisting in practical implementation.
  3. Self-Paced Learning - Online: No Trainer ratio specified.
Maximum Number of participants:
Training evaluation covers cognitive aspects (pre-test, post-test, and quizzes) and psychomotor aspects (skill demonstration).
For offline training, the minimum standard is a ratio of 1 demonstration tool for every 5 participants. In computer-related training, each participant is provided with 1 computer.

For more information on the standardization of Program Kartu Prakerja training:


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